Acer Clearfi

Your favorite stuff - everywhere! is Acer’s premier digital home-entertainment solution that puts your favorite stuff right where you want it: everywhere! automatically connects all of the devices on your home network -- your smartphone, notebook, all-in-one PC, HD media player, home storage, etc. -- and gathers media files from those devices, then categorizes them as Videos, Photos, or Music.This cool setup lets you easily manage, store, share and enjoy your media from any device, in any room, at home. In addition, you can connect to your Facebook, Flickr and YouTube™ accounts via to check out photos and videos, as well as publish your own stuff to those sites.

Easy to enjoy

Get photos

Get Photos off your mobile phone and display them on your TV via the Acer Revo living-room PC.

Send a movie

Send a movie from your netbook to your all-in-one desktop PC and have fun watching it.

Transfer HD media

Easily transfer a large high-definition movie from your notebook to your home server.


Share vacation pictures from your PC on social networking sites.