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Acer Cloud Technology

AcerCloud is your personal cloud. It shares your music, photos, videos and documents on your PC with all your devices. If your PC is in sleep mode, no worries, AcerCloud wakes it up for you. AcerCloud also pushes photos taken on your phone or tablet to all your other devices. To top it off, AcerCloud is free for all your Android devices with every new Acer PC. 1, 2, 3

Acer Cloud Technology
Create your own personal cloud

AcerCloud makes your PC part of your personal cloud. To create your personal cloud, all you have to do is designate your PC as the "Cloud PC." Then you can share your music, videos, photos and more to all your devices. What's more, with AcerCloud, you only need to manage one content library: the one on your PC.

Acer Cloud Technology
AcerCloud is always connected

With AcerCloud, your PC is always connected. Whether you're on the couch at home, or at a friend's house, you can access content via AcerCloud on your phone or tablet. Even if your PC is not on, it's okay: AcerCloud wakes it up for you.

Acer Cloud Technology
Acer Cloud Docs4

Edit a document on your PC and AcerCloud automatically keeps a copy in the cloud for you. You can browse that document on your PC and Android devices no matter where you are.

Acer Cloud Technology

AcerCloud automatically pushes a copy of photos taken with your phone or tablet to all your devices over the Internet. You can find all your photos in Photo apps on your PC and Android devices.

Acer in the cloud

Manage content on your Cloud PC

With the all-new version of, you can manage a single content library on all your devices -- there's no longer a need to deal with different libraries on various devices.

Acer Cloud Technology Media Media helps you simplify your music and video library. You can create a playlist on your Cloud PC and enjoy the same playlist on your phone and tablet.

Acer Cloud Technology Photo Photo manages all your photos taken from your Android devices or imported from your digital camera. You can create photo albums on your Cloud PC and access them through your phone and tablet.

Enjoy your content in the cloud on your phone and tablet

Use your phone and tablet to enjoy your music, videos and photos from your Cloud PC whether you're at home or out and about.

Acer Cloud Technology Music

Travel light: Stream your entire music collection on your phone and tablet from your Cloud PC without worrying about running out of storage space.5

Acer Cloud Technology Video

When it's hard to decide which videos to bring, simply click and download what you want to watch from your Cloud PC to your phone or tablet.5

Acer Cloud Technology Photo

Leave your PC at home! You can show-off your photo albums to your friends and family on the go from your phone or tablet.

Acer Cloud Technology

AcerCloud Security

Your content library stays on your PC, under your control, and we use robust security to ensure that only you can access it. When your content is sent over the Internet, AcerCloud protects it with strong encryption.