Acer Technology

Acer Touch

Acer Technology - Acer Touch

Taking multi-gesture touch to your screen is more than a change in directions; it's a change in the way you approach computing itself. On the screen, you're no longer distanced from the action; now, it's right at your fingertips. It's almost as if you've become your own interface.

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Acer Cloud

Acer Technology - Acer Cloud

AcerCloud is your personal cloud. It shares your music, photos, videos and documents on your PC with all your devices. If your PC is in sleep mode, no worries, AcerCloud wakes it up for you. AcerCloud also pushes photos taken on your phone or tablet to all your other devices. To top it off, AcerCloud is free for all your Android devices with every new Acer PC. 1, 2, 3

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Acer Clearfi

Acer Technology - Acer Clearfi is Acer’s premier digital home-entertainment solution that puts your favorite stuff right where you want it: everywhere! automatically connects all of the devices on your home network -- your smartphone, notebook, all-in-one PC, HD media player, home storage, etc. -- and gathers media files from those devices, then categorizes them as Videos, Photos, or Music.This cool setup lets you easily manage, store, share and enjoy your media from any device, in any room, at home. In addition, you can connect to your Facebook, Flickr and YouTube™ accounts via to check out photos and videos, as well as publish your own stuff to those sites.

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