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Acer Touchpad Technology

Touchpad Technology

As with other tech advances, Acer has been at the forefront of touchpad development, adding multi-gesture capabilities throughout its notebook line. Acer's touchpad intelligence understands the different and complex motions that multiple fingers can make, making it easy for you to:

Touch Scroll through webpages and long file lists Touch Rotate photos and other objects Touch Zoom in on documents in a variety of applications Touch Flick through and even rotate photos and media albums.

With Acer's multi-gesture touchpad, you're able to get more done quicker. Your hand doesn't need to reach over for your mouse, so you can concentrate on the keyboard area. Plus, moving your fingers is more intuitive than moving a mouse, increasing your mental comfort along with decreasing physical stress. It's yet another way Acer is using cutting-edge technology to make your lifestyle easier and cooler.

Move Up to Multi-Touch Screen

Acer Touchpad Technology

Touchscreen Technology

Imagine if you could experience the most intuitive control of your computer. Well, imagine no more. Acer multi-touch technology makes it possible to control your computer right on the screen. Just as with an Acer multi-gesture touchpad, with our multi-touch screens you can use the motions of your fingers to run a variety of applications, including web browsers and photo editing tools.

Touch Scroll to navigate through webpages, files and media lists Touch Circle to rotate images and other objects. Touch Pinch to zoom in or zoom out of your documents or media Touch Flick to browse through photos and albums

Taking multi-gesture touch to your screen is more than a change in directions; it's a change in the way you approach computing itself. On the screen, you're no longer distanced from the action; now, it's right at your fingertips. It's almost as if you've become your own interface.

Make your digital destiny even more your own with new Acer Touch technology. Bring your screen—and yourself—to life.

Change Your World with a Touch

Touch Apps:

Experience fingertip control over your digital lifestyle with Acer Touch's great gadgets. Accessed via the Acer Touch Portal, these programs are made to take advantage of the technology in ways you'll use every day. Among the Acer Touch apps are:

Acer Touchpad Application
Acer TouchMediaShare

Easily manage photos on your computer and from social networking sites

Acer Touchpad Application
Acer TouchMusic player

Organize, browse and play your favorite tunes right on your desktop or from the Touch Portal

Acer Touchpad Application
Acer TouchPhoto Show

View pictures or slideshows from your favorite photo albums you created in TouchMediaShare right on your desktop

Acer Touchpad Application
Acer TouchMemo

Create a handwritten note and set alarm reminders right from your desktop with a tap of the screen